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Stereotactic Pointer

A frameless navigation system used in neurosurgery to localise brain tumours and cysts.
Developed at the University of Cape Town (UCT),  The Cape Town Stereotactic Pointer (CTSP) is manufactured and marketed by Fibretek Developments (Pty) Ltd. 
What was the problem ?    The need for an affordable stereotactic system at UCT neuro departments. 
What was the idea ?   To develop an easy to use system that could also perhaps find application in developing countries. 

How did you develop it ?   Financed by the Medical Research Council (MRC), the CTSP was used under a strict clinical trial programme for 3 years at Groote Schuur and Red Cross hospitals.
How do you earn money from it ?   The CTSP was commercialised by Fibretek Developments in 1997.   The system is used at hospitals in Africa, India and Colombia.  A royalty is paid on sales to the MRC and UCT.
For further information contact Peter Mundell at Fibretek:
Tel:  0027 44 877 0677
Fax: 0027 86 617 7311

 Stereotactic pointer system