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Ti-TaMED Spinal System

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 The Ti-TaMED spinal system is a comprehensive spinal system that can be easily inserted by surgeons and it is user-friendly to theatre staff. It is locally manufactured to provide an affordable system of the highest quality that is accessible to the South African market and globally. For a more detailed look into our products and company, please visit  

What was the challenge?

When designing and manufacturing our tools, we at Ti-TaMED focus on quality, reliability, simplicity, balance and ergonomics. This is achieved by interacting with spinal surgeons, and responding to their feedback. Ongoing research and development has resulted in a range of new implants and tools which form a comprehensive and dynamic spinal system that covers a broad range of applications, and where most of the tools are compatible with most of the implants. We pride ourselves on not only the spinal system’s ease of use for the surgeon and theatre staff, but also how simple it is to remove the implant again should this be necessary.

What was our idea?

A high quality locally-made affordable spinal system that is as easy to remove as it is to insert. The Ti-TaMED system is unique in that it facilitates the optimal correction in anterior and posterior scoliosis surgery via the use of the Mobile screws..

What did we need to know?

Our implants are manufactured from the highest quality medical grade titanium in our factory in Cape Town, South Africa, according to the ISO13485 and ISO9001 standards. Our products bear the CE mark according to Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC and have FDA approval. We pride ourselves on our reliability, expertise, service, support and user friendly instructions

How did it develop?

Ti-TaMED was founded in 1996 with the aim of designing and manufacturing a superior quality South African spinal implant system which is comprehensive, affordable and user friendly to both surgeons and theatre sisters.

After years of designing, prototyping, consulting with spinal surgeons and testing, the Ti-TaMED Mobile and Rigid screws were developed. The system mainly targeted scoliosis, but has now developed into a full range spinal system including Locking and Polyaxial screws, rods, caps, grub screws and cages. Ongoing research and development is a priority at Ti-TaMED, advancing our portfolio to also include ENT and other orthopaedic devices in our medical range.

How do we earn money from it?

The Ti-TaMED spinal system is currently being used in the local South African market, UK, Georgia and Romania, with intended further distribution in the EU, USA, Canada and African countries.

Titamed spinal system