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About Us

we’ll help you to get your innovative medical device to market ! 

Medical Devices to Market is a consulting and medical device development company
Brian Goemans and Cornie Scheffer have been active in the medical device industry
over several years, assisting individuals and companies with all aspects of innovation –
from idea development, to patenting, to funding, to product development and
manufacture, to market access and sales.

Following the untimely passing of Cornie, MD2M will continue its involvement with the 
Biomedical Engineering Research Group at Stellenbosch University. 
For more information : BERG
Brian Goemans has been developing medical devices for 20 years, from design to
manufacture to regulatory approval, and recently has been running a mini-VC to grow
the SA industry.

Current customers include :
- a startup based in London
- a startup based in Stockholm
- a group of medical doctors in Johannesburg
- a startup based in Cape Town
- an established medical device manufacturer in Cape Town

For any further information, register an enquiry on the Contact Us page.